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10 IMPORTANT tips for calf jackets!!!

Here are 10 important tips for calf jackets!

  1. Be sure calves coats are completely dry before fitting them with jackets.
  2. Adjust the straps weekly to accommodate for growth.
  3. Check to ensure no straps are rubbing that could create raw spots on calves skin.
  4. Launder jackets in hot water with detergent, and thoroughly dry between calves.
  5. Change jackets that become wet for any reason, including weather and scouring calves.
  6. Bedding is still important. Be sure calves have clean, dry, deep bedding in which they able to nest.
  7. One rule of thumb for starting to use jackets in the fall is when the daytime high and nighttime low, added together, equal 90˚F or less. Another suggested starting point is when three consecutive nights of a pre-determined temperature -- such as 40˚F -- or less occur.
  8. Continue to use jackets as long as the ground is frozen.
  9. In warm stretches, monitor calves to see if they are sweating under the jackets. If so, remove them during the day, as daytime sweating can cause nighttime chilling.
  10. Remove calf jackets in the morning versus afternoon or evening.Calf Jackets Holstein Jersey Cow Calves Dairy Farm Grizzly Dairy Wear and Supply

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