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Barn Cat Photography - Meow!

Cats...I think cat's are one of those animals that either you love or hate. I talked to this lady who was servery allergic to cats. (cough, sneeze, can't breath) She had to get allergy shots to live in her own house because her daughter insisted on owning a cat. Ummm, that would be a  big"NO" for me!  No cats, sorry kid!!! 

I believe a cat's job on the farm is a very important job. Plenty of field mice to be captured- that's for sure! I personally don't like the way that they sneak around and slitter across my legs. I guess the first tens years of my life, owning a cat, and constantly catching ring-worm from our farm cat turned me into a dog lover! 

Being a photographer on the side and with my deep passion for photography, I take a wide variety of pictures.One day I could be snapping photos of motorcycles and the next day I could be snapping photos of barn cats. I'll take pictures of motorcycles over pictures of cats any day!!!  

So with that being said, ....Hope all of you cat lovers out there enjoy this cute cat picture! ...Meow! 

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