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Cleaning and Maintenance Guide For Rubber Boots

Sun, Harsh Chemicals, Manure, Extreme Hot Water... dries out rubber boots!

Keep them out of the sun! To provide the most life out of your rubber boots is to keep them out of the sun. If you left a pair of rubber out in the open field they would not last the summer.

Wash them off with warm to cold water!  Many farms have their water temperature set at 165+ degrees. That temperature of water which is deadly to rubber boots. 

 Once a week or Once a month!  Wipe down your boots with hand lotion, do not wipe off, air-dry. Keeping the rubber soft and clean will help prevent cracking. Armour all does not contain conditioning oils. Lotions contain different types of natural oils such as; (argon, soybean, and sunflower)

Store them in a cool, dry, dark place!  The best place to store rubber footwear is in your house. Not your garage! If you put your boots away for the season- clean, condition and  try to store them in the original box or a green garbage sack. Climate controlled is best! 

If they get wet inside!  Turn them upside down. They will dry much, much faster. If you can’t turn them upside down stuff them with newspaper and lay them on their side. This will actually speed up the drying time of most footwear.

Patch any rips or holes as soon as possible! If your boots develop any tears or deep abrasions patch them at once. There are many products available for those like (Shoe Goo) which works great to repair holes and tears in a lot of items. Make sure your boots are 100% dry before you try to repair them. Let them set for 24 hours before you wear them. 

Happy Boots + Happy Feet = Happy Customer



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