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Sweaty & Stinky Feet?

Say What!?!?...Throw away my cotton socks!!  (Phew)

Cotton is one of the main reasons people complain of sweaty, stinky feet!

Even though cotton feels like a light and comfortable material, moisture absorbed by cotton fibers doesn’t evaporate back into the air outside the sock! Cotton fibers retain heat, instead of insulating (like wool) and heat equals bacteria and odor. Sweat, bacteria, and odor is absorbed by cotton. Sometimes even a good washing won't remove the smell! 

Invest a few extra bucks on your next purchase of socks! (You'll Thank Me Later) Make sure the material of the sock is one or the other:  Merino wool, Polyester, Spandex or Nylon... (Good-Bye, Adios - Cotton Socks) You stink!! We're talking socks here, not relationships! 

Unless you're one of those "freaky" people, no one wants to smell stinky feet!  


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