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Why Should Your Milkers Wear Milking Gowns?

 Milking Gowns. They help reduce transferred bacteria up to 50%!! (Bacteria cost money) If you or your milkers are buying waterproof aprons and/or milking sleeves - take a minute and read the advantages of milking gowns. 

  • Non Porous material doesn't harbor bacteria like vinyl or cotton
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Doesn't crack due to harsh chemicals or climate change
  • Depending on size of farm & usage it is recommended that employees change into a new gown every 30 days. Although they will last for months and we have seen them last for years! 
  • Employees look clean and professional 
  • Complete front/side coverage from water, chemicals, manure- Ties in back
  • Less expensive than buying a apron and a pair of sleeves
  • One size fits most - Cut to desired length
  • Available in Blue or White 
  • Machine or Hand Wash/Cold Water - Hang Dry


  • For LARGE HERD DAIRY PRICING, please contact us for more info.
  • Dairy Supplies, Milking Apparel, Boots, and more at Grizzly Dairy Wear
  • We have always believed that the most important aspect in a business is to sell value and give service.

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