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Waterproof Sleeves / Blue/ 24" Long

FDA Approved - 100% waterproof protective sleeve. Unlike other sleeves, this pair of sleeves helps reduce transferred bacteria up to 50%. On dairy farms these are well known as Milking Sleeves.

The material is non-pourus, which means bacteria can't harbor like other materials. In dairy barns, employees arms need to be protected from harsh chemicals, open wounds, staph infections and/or any other sort of infections that humans may come in contact with. Arm protection is a must! 

These protective sleeves are 24" long, 4 mil. They allow plenty of room to wear a hoodie or a light jacket underneath and still be comfortable on the job. Another great factor about these sleeves are; They don't crack in cold weather nor do they dry up when teat dip hits them. Machine wash in cold water/ hang dry

Color: Blue /  1 Pair = 2 each


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