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Endurosaf™ Apron

Endurosaf aprons are 100% Waterproof and offer adaptable protection for a wide variety of jobs.  Color: Yellow - Size: 35" x 45"


Reliable Protection

  • Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact
  • Endurosaf aprons are exceptionally resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oils and fats

  • Endurosaf polyurethane construction is strong, tough and offers outstanding tear and puncture resistance yet remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Dielectrically sealed neck and waist straps are easy to keep clean and resist tear out while the neck strap features an adjustable non-corrosive, non-absorbent plastic buckle for a more comfortable fit
  • -Item# 56-801

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