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SemperForce Black Nitrile Gloves / 1 CASE/ SMALL - XL

SemperForce Black Nitrile Gloves- Rated #1 Choice Of Nitrile Gloves.  A textured surface promises secure gripping capabilities.This black nitrile glove is thin, but yet STRONG, helps reduce stress on the muscles of the hands and acts like a support stocking, stimulating but not tiring the hands the longer the glove is worn. Nitrile is more abrasion and puncture-resistant than vinyl or latex but it has the advantage of disintegrating immediately if a puncture does occur, alerting the operator that the glove must be replaced 

1 Case contains 10 boxes - Each box contains 50 pair 

  • Ambi-dex 4-mil 
  • Powder free
  • Gloves fit right or left hands 
  • Highest tensile strength** (21 mpa) 
  • Manufactured without natural rubber - Synthetic Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
  • Textured fingertips - Enhanced dexterity and gripping capabilities
  • Hides stains caused from grease, dirt, dyes, and ink
  • Eliminates exposure to latex and potential allergens
  • Forms to your hand to allow full range of motion
  • Beaded Cuff and Ambidextrous
  • Approved for Medical Use
  • 50 pair per box 

Thickness (Single Wall) Finger: 5.60 mils (median) Palm: 4.56 mils (median)

Physical Properties Tensile Strength: 21 MPa (median) Elongation: 511% (median)

-Item# Small/BPS-100, Medium/BPM-100, Large/BPL-100, Extra Large/BPXL-100

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