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SemperGuard BLUE Nitrile Gloves / 1 Case/ SMALL - XL

Wearing gloves prevents milkers from introducing the bacteria found in the deep fissures of their hands to the udder. Sensitive co-polymer nitrile gloves are recommended for dairymen practicing the "once-under" pre-milking procedure advocated by many veterinarians. The method includes a vigorous rub of each teat after pre-dipping, which is very hard on bare hands. When used during "once-under," gloves protect hands, reduce fatigue, and help to prevent cracked, dry skin.

1 Case contains 10 boxes - Each box contains 50 pair 

  • Ambi-dex 4-mil 
  • Powder free
  • Gloves fit right or left hands 
  • Color: Blue

A textured surface promises secure gripping capabilities.This blue nitrile glove is thin, but yet STRONG, helps reduce stress on the muscles of the hands and acts like a support stocking, stimulating but not tiring the hands the longer the glove is worn. Nitrile is more abrasion and puncture-resistant than vinyl or latex but it has the advantage of disintegrating immediately if a puncture does occur, alerting the operator that the glove must be replaced 

-Item# Small/ES100, Medium/EM100, Large/EL100, Extra Large/EXL100




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