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Black Hycar Apron 35"x 45"

Waterproof Apron Size: 35" x 45" Color: Black


Reliable Protection

  • Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact
  • Hycar aprons are a tough nitrile blend, ideal for grease and animal fats. They are also excellent in cold conditions

  • The Hycar construction is traditionally tougher and more cut, abrasion and puncture resistant than neoprene but is still flexible for the toughest jobs 
  • Coated poly/cotton reinforcement is easy to clean 
  • Sealed grommets allow for size adjustment without tear-out

    Comfort and Selection
  • Bib styles with adjustable ties ensure optimal fit for a wide range of users
  • These poly/cotton-reinforced aprons feature a 17-19mil Hycar nitrile blend on poly/cotton backing with sewn edge finis.Flexible comfort even in cold conditions
  • 2-piece 48 inch ties and sealed grommets 


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